Solar Electrification for Schools in Off-grid Islands Project — Pangan-an High School.

The Solar Electrification for Schools in Off-grid Islands Project aims to address the challenges faced by Schools like Pangan-an High School on the island of Pangan-an in Lapu Lapu City. The project intends to provide a reliable and sustainable source of electricity for the school, replacing the noisy and costly diesel power generators.

By implementing a solar electrification system, the school can overcome the limitations imposed by its remote location. Solar power is a clean and renewable energy source that can be harnessed even in off-grid areas. It offers several advantages over traditional generators, including reduced operating costs, minimal maintenance requirements, and a quieter operation that won’t disrupt the learning environment.

Project turn over to Pangan-an High School

In partnership with Rotary Club of Makati san Lorenzo and Rotary Club of Kwangcheon in Korea, Light Of Hope PH was able to deploy the first phase of the solar electrification project with 2000 Watts Solar Panel, 5kW Hybrid Inverter, and 5,100Whr Lifepo4 battery capacity

5kW Hybrid Inverter

The installation of the solar panels will provide a consistent and reliable source of electricity during daylight hours, enabling teachers to use modern teaching tools such as projectors, computers, and other electronic devices. Students will benefit from an improved learning environment, free from the distractions and noise generated by the previous diesel generator.

Teachers of Pangan-an High School

The solar electrification system will be cost-effective in the long run. Once installed, the solar panels will harness the sun’s energy without incurring any fuel costs. This will significantly reduce the school’s expenses on diesel fuel and maintenance, allowing for more resources to be allocated to educational materials, infrastructure development, and other essential needs of the school.

Delegates from RC Kwangcheon, RC Makati San Lorenzo, DepEd and Light Of Hope PH

In Phase 2 of the Project at Pangan-an High School, several key upgrades will be implemented to enhance the existing system. Firstly, additional solar panels will be installed, increasing the total capacity to 5000 Watts peak. This expansion will boost the school’s ability to harness solar energy, ensuring a more consistent and reliable power supply for the students and teachers. Additionally, the battery capacity will be upgraded to 12,800Whr, allowing for greater energy storage during periods of sunlight and ensuring uninterrupted electricity availability even on cloudy days or during evenings. This enhanced battery capacity will provide a sustained power supply to meet the school’s needs and the power needs in times of evacuation during calamities.

Pangan-an High School

Moreover, the electrical wiring of the school will be reconfigured to address the existing tangle of wires from previous generator setups. This reorganization will streamline and optimize the system, making it more efficient and easier to manage. By eliminating confusion and complications in the wiring, the school can minimize maintenance issues and potential safety hazards.

If you are interested to support the phase 2 of the project for Pangan-an High School, please feel free to contact us for more details or you can scan the QR code below

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The Solar Electrification for Off-grid Islands Schools Project will not only enhance the quality of education at Pangan-an High School but also serve as an example of sustainable and environmentally friendly energy solutions for other off-grid schools facing similar challenges.

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